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GTX Corp Headquarters

117 W. 9th Street, # 1214
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Phone: (213) 489-3019
Toll Free: (877) 489-3019
Fax: (213) 489-3062

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What Jamie Lee Curtis has to say about being prepared for the possibility of the inconceivable.

The Huffington Report-2010-01-18: “A disaster will/could strike you and your family in your own communities…Yes, I am prepared here in my home in Los Angeles for a big, catastrophic earthquake but we all need to be (prepared). We cannot expect our government to help us individually in the first days after a crisis. The need is too great. Triage will help the neediest. Chances are you, in your insular life will not be their priority so be your OWN. Go to the websites. Do more than cross your fingers.”

Bryant Harper, President of Code Amber said: “We believe that Ms. Curtis has the right idea. Everyone lives in a place where a hurricane, tornado, flood, blizzard, mud slide, avalanche, forest fire or earthquake can wreck its devastation without warning. We urge you to visit to secure your personal medical ID alertag and one each for every member of your family. The Code Amber Alertag is your assurance that first responders to a tragedy will have the vital information needed to provide informed treatment. Given that one in every four of us has a chronic condition or an allergy, it is smarter to have one and not need it, then to need one and not have it.”

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