GTX Corp Comments on CES 2018, Super Bowl LII and the GPS SmartSoles on the Kardashian’s

CES HEADER18 GTX Corp Comments on CES 2018, Super Bowl LII and the GPS SmartSoles on the Kardashian’s

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – January 17, 2018 – GTX Corp (OTCBB: GTXO)an Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider in the personal location, wearable and wandering assistive technology business, comments on CES 2018 and announces today that it will be presenting several of its new products at Super Bowl.

CES 2018 was filled with different areas of Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) technology that is striving to increase the health, wellness, safety, and overall lifestyle for the “Baby Boomer.”

Crunch Network Predicated:

  • Consumer brands will shift focus to the boomer generation.
  • Boomers will find part-time jobs with a purpose.
  • Healthcare will transition from the hospital to the home

This is good news for GTX Corp, as tens of millions of Baby Boomers (people born between the 1950s and mid-1960s) are beginning to hit their elderly years, providing an increased demand for technologies and overall health and wellness solutions. GTX has been at the forefront of this trending and growing sector and this year GTX showcased multiple products, including their flagship GPS SmartSoles along with the new Biometric Insoles and several other products like the Invisabelt and kids SmartSoles, expected to launch this quarter.

Alongside partner Veristride, GTX unveiled the new Biometric Insoles designed to monitor how people walk and help predict if a senior is prone to falling, which is a major worldwide problem. An estimated 2.8 million elderly people in the U.S. are treated in emergency departments for fall injuries each year. The Biometric Insoles collect movement and activity from special censors and produce data for gait analysis to provide better insight into fall risk detection and prevention.

GTX also garnered some buzz in the technology industry during CES week, as their GPS Tracking insoles were on the television show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. GTX had many vendors, consumers, and fans of the Kardashian’s from around the world come by and comment, as the show had aired in the United States before CES and aired after CES in the United Kingdom.

Patrick Bertagna GTX Corp CEO, commented, “This was a significant week for GTX Corp and the first time we showcased a suite of existing and future products that expanded our offerings way beyond GPS tracking solutions for seniors afflicted with dementia and Alzheimer’s. We now have tracking and monitoring solutions for kids, the military, law enforcement, mobile workforce, athletes and with our Biometric insoles we will expand our senior target audience from the 6 million currently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s to the 72 million baby boomers in the US that need or want their mobility, activity and gait monitored.”

Due to the very positive feedback from the Biometric Insoles and their ability to also be used in a professional sports environment in order to establish walking baselines for pro athletes, GTX will be taking its products and technologies to Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis, Minnesota. GTX and long-time advisor Jack Brewer, discussed several opportunities for GTX and Veristride to showcase its Biometric Insole Technology throughout the various events during Super Bowl Week.

Jack Brewer, CEO of The Brewer Group, Inc. commented – “We are super excited to have GTX attend our events and various activities throughout Super Bowl week in Minnesota this year. As a former Minnesota Viking myself, I am so thrilled that that Super Bowl is being held in my backyard, and look forward to having GTX and Veristride introduce and demonstrate their new ground breaking gait analysis ‘Walking Test’technology to the sports community during the Super Bowl experience!”

Andrew Duncan, GTX Corp President of Business Development and IP licensing, summarized the week, “As a pioneer in digital healthcare monitoring and management and having filed numerous patents over a decade ago, GTX is well positioned to benefit from this industry focus. The cost and resources needed for the long term care of seniors is one of the major challenges facing governments and societies world-wide. With 72% of Boomers using Facebook and over 60% using Smartphones, this tech savvy generation is constantly looking for technology to make the lives of their loved ones as well as themselves easier and more comfortable.”

About GTX Corp

GTX Corp (GTXO) is a pioneer in Smart, Mobile and Wearable GPS, cellular and BLE tracking and recovery location based services. Through its proprietary enterprise monitoring platform and licensing, subscription recurring revenue business model, GTX Corp offers a complete end-to-end solution of hardware, software and connectivity, backed by an extensive portfolio of patents, patents pending, registered trademarks, copy rights and URL’s.  Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with distributors servicing over 20 countries, GTX is known for its game-changing patented GPS Smart Shoe, block buster Smartphone GPS Tracking App, and award winning, patented GPS and BLE SmartSole, the world’s first, invisible wearable wander guard GPS tracking device, initially created for quick recovery of those at risk of wandering due to Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism or traumatic brain injury. GTX provides solutions that answer the “where” question: where is my mother, child, employee, vehicle, drone and high-value assets. The Company doesn’t just make and sell the best GPS tracking products, they deliver innovative, miniaturized, low power consumption wearable tech that provides safety, security and peace of mind at the touch of a button. We put the “Where” in Wearable Tech.

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