GTX Corp Enters Security Market with Patented GPS SmartSole™

Jack Brewer articulates the power of GPS SmartSoles providing a real sense of security in today’s uncertain world.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA AND MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA – SEPTEMBER 23, 2014 – GTX Corp. (OTCBB: GTXO), a pioneer and global provider of personal location wearable technologies, will break into the personal security market this week with its patented GPS SmartSole™. The ingenious SmartSole tracking system, originally created for people at risk of wandering due to cognitive memory disorders such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism, TBI and more will now help protect journalists, diplomats, ambassadors, avid business travelers and other high-profile individuals who travel to dangerous or remote regions of the world by keeping their loved ones and co-workers updated on their whereabouts, no matter where they go.


The dangers that members of the media and international professionals face overseas has never been more clear, especially in light of recent unfortunate events. GTX Corp knows their innovative SmartSoles can provide a much-needed solution to these rising security concerns. The GPS-equipped shoe insoles provide wearers an extra opportunity to let their associates and loved ones know they’re safe through GPS and cellular monitoring technology—and provide users a chance to act fast in response should the unthinkable happen.


The GPS SmartSoles’ miniaturized proprietary GPS/cellular chipset and SIM card is unique to each wearer. The GPS SmartSoles communicate via cellular networks and send location coordinates through a wireless data connection, similar to sending SMS messages on a cell phone. This system creates a safety net of unprecedented reliability for its users.


GTX Corp encourages you to check out their new testimonial video, created in partnership with The Brewer Group, Inc. (TBG), a global advisory firm, as it begins promoting the GPS SmartSoles for the personal security market. His Excellency Ambassador Jack Brewer, CEO of TBG and SmartSole brand advocate, goes on record with his personal views on the importance of feeling secure during business travels. Together, GTX and TBG will propel the SmartSole technology to the forefront of the security market, forming new strategic partnerships and securing endorsement deals within TBG’s extensive network which will highlight and enhance global awareness of the SmartSoles’ and their security benefits.


Patrick Bertagna, Chairman and CEO of GTX Corp commented, “First we want to thank Jack and his team for helping us create awareness in this new vertical application for the SmartSoles. We believe the personal security market has big potential, especially in light of all that is happening in the world with journalists, high profile individuals and international travelers. Heightened security has become top of mind as global uncertainty grows. In the event of the unthinkable happening, time is your best hope, so knowing in near real-time if someone has gone missing maximizes their chance of a safe recovery. Our GPS SmartSoles were originally created to monitor the whereabouts of individuals at risk of wandering with the intent to quickly and safely recover them.  The security market is a direct extension of our core purpose, providing a seamless solution for a newly at risk audience of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

View Jack Brewer Highlights Security in GTX Corp’s GPS SmartSoles™ on YouTube here.


About GTX Corp


GTX Corp (GTXO) is a pioneer in wearable technology and a leader in enterprise 2 way GPS real-time personal location based services. Founded in 2002, headquartered in Los Angeles, California and known for its game-changing and award-winning patented GPS Smart Shoe, its blockbuster Smartphone GPS Tracking App, and GPS SmartSole, GTX provides solutions that answer the “where is” question: where is my mother, child, pet, vehicle and high value assets.


Through a robust enterprise platform and licensing business model the Company offers a complete end to end solution of location based hardware, middleware, apps, connectivity and professional services. Letting you know where or how someone or something is at the touch of a button, delivering security and peace of mind in an instant. GTX Corp also owns and operates LOCiMOBILE, Inc which develops applications for smart phones and tablets and Code Amber Alertag. The Company has a comprehensive intellectual property strategy and owns an extensive portfolio of patents, patents pending, registered trademarks, copy rights and URL’s.


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The Brewer Group, Inc. (TBG) is a multifaceted global advisory firm established in 2005 to provide tailored services including investment advisory and capital markets advisory for public and private companies spanning multiple sectors as well as for high-profile clientele such as athletes, entertainers and world leaders. TBG uses the resources of its experienced, dedicated staff and leverages a network of the world’s premier institutions to bring clients first-rate advisory services and unparalleled access around the globe. Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, TBG’s divisions include: Brewer Capital Management, LLC (BCM), Brewer Sports International, LLC (BSI) and The Jack Brewer Foundation (JBF Worldwide). The Brewer Group prides itself on delivering innovative solutions to clients’ needs while giving back to communities through the JBF Worldwide corporate social responsibility initiatives. For further information, please visit



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