GTX Media Update




Dear GTX Friends, Colleagues and Loyal Followers,

The past few months have been filled with excitement as we near our launch of the GPS and BLE SmartSoles.

As a recap we wanted to share with you some of our recent highlights:

From entering into the Security market, to Jack Brewer retired NFL player and current UN Ambassador starring in a video, to how our patented SmartSoles have helped retired boxer Ray Ciancaglini, along with several other announcements and media mentions.

Jack Brewer Highlights Security in GTX Corp’s GPS SmartSoles™

GTX Corp Enters Security Market with Patented GPS SmartSole™

GTX Corp.—GPS SmartSole Now Also For Personal Security

Wandering solutions for Alzhiemer’s caregivers – GTX featured in SavvySeniors

GPS SmartSole Wearable Technology by GTX Corp on FairchildTV Canada

About Alzheimer’s disease (GTX at the Minnesota State Fair) via

GPS SmartSoles™ Expand into Canada

GTX is making a difference in people’s lives- see what retired boxer afflicted with dementia has to say about the GPS SmartSoles.

“Every successful boxer knows the importance of having quality trainers work their corner.  The great Muhammad Ali was guided by legendary trainers, Angelo Dundee and Bundini Brown.   As a former boxer,  battling the progressive stages of dementia, I am very grateful to have the GPS SmartSole working my corner, ensuring me a better quality of life while maintaining my dignity and affording my family the peace of mind that my getting lost is a worry of the past.”  – Ray Ciancaglini, former professional boxer and award-winning concussion awareness activist.  (

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